I animated this little fella in 2014 for Woodblock.


I animated this dude in 2016. It is from a feature "Happy Family", which is made by Ambient Entertainment. All Rights Reserved at Ambient Entertainment.


Shine Teaser

A shortfilm from Alexander Dietrich and Johannes Flick.


Bub Bounce

just for fun :)


Ophelia is an animated shortfilm directed by Bin-Han To.
It was fun animating the beach shot.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is an animated shortfilm directed by Viola Baier.
The big hug at the end are frames from my animation.
Thank you Viola for this shot.


Harald is an animated shortfilm directed by Moritz Schneider.
Im glad I was part of it and it was a very nice team to work with.
Thanks to Moritz Schneider and Alexandra Stautmeister
for making it possible!

Deep Dance Shortfilm

Deep Dance

Deep Dance is an animated short based in the deepsea.
The animation is my part for this under water fight.

Blacky vs. Tinti

 Frames from the Deep Dance look development team.


First 3D animated shortfilm.
In 2010 we, Adrian Walt, Ringo Klapschinsky worked on it
for 3 1/2 months at the animation-school-hamburg.
Special thanks to Henrike Rothe
for the lovely 2D Animation at the end.