Showreel 2020

Space Probe Force Sneak Preview

Hot stuff made by Woodblock. When I started to animate on this shortfilm it was all planned as a one-shot. Afterwards some changes came with editing. My task was the whole animation except for the special effects.

Krötenlied Snippet

Snippet from the shortfilm "Ein Krötenlied", directed by Kariem Saleh.
Some years ago in 2015 I had the pleasure to animate the beginning of the shortfilm.


I animated this sequence in 2016 for the feature film production "Happy Family"  by German studio Ambient Entertainment in Hannover.

Showreel_Manou the Swift

In 2018 I animated aproximately 3 months for the feature film production "Manou the Swift" by Luxx Animation Studios in Stuttgart.
This was my first  experience to animate with the Software 3ds Max.

Game of Thrones

In 2013 I did a very fine blocking animation for "Game of Thrones", Season 3, which was made at Pixomondo. Here is a selection of my shots.


Electric Shock

Another snippet of animation I did 2014 for the shortfilm "Shine", directed by Alexander Dietrich and Johannes Flick.


Snippet of animation I did 2014 for the lovely shortfilm production "Shine", directed by Alexander Dietrich and Johannes Flick

Pigeon Ballet


I animated this dude in 2016. It is from the feature film production "Happy Family" made by Ambient Entertainment. All Rights Reserved at Ambient Entertainment.


I animated this little fellow in 2014 for Woodblock.